Kyle Connor, Hauling Services & More
Kyle Connor
Hauling Services & More

Goldendale WA
serving the Klickitat county, Washington area


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I have a dump truck capable of hauling 4 tons of hay, 4 cords of wood, or 10 yards of rock/dirt.

I can also haul vehicles or smaller heavy equipment for you, and can pick up and deliver stacks of lumber or other materials.


If you have property that needs to be cleaned up, such as a construction site, I am available, both for the clean-up work and for the debris hauling.


Not only do I haul firewood, I also custom-cut it for you to the length you need for your stove. Also need it split and stacked for you? No problem.

Excavating / Barn Cleaning

If you need work done, soon I will have a BobCat and other heavy equipment suitable for tight places and small jobs.


I specialize in smaller jobs for our local community. Call me for a quote on your job - I promise that the price will be good, and so will the service!

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